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Russia invades Ukraine

Russia began invading Ukraine last week.
What about the influence of Germany and Europe?

I would like to talk about the factors behind the great sales results of Thermal Insulated Curtains fabric in Japan.

March 11, 2011 A nuclear power plant in Japan was hit by a tsunami and a radiation leak accident occurred.
As a result, all nuclear power plants in Japan were forced to shut down, and rolling blackouts were implemented for two months due to power shortages after April.
And the Japanese Prime Minister himself called on all the people to save energy in the summer from the government every day.
As a result, our business partners commercialized our Thermal Insulated Curtains fabric and started selling the product in May, selling about 50,000m.
The following year, we sold 100,000m, which is twice that amount, and we have reached the present.

I think Germany and Europe today are similar to Japan at that time.

Nord Stream 2 has been suspended due to the Russian invasion.
This will lead to a sharp rise in natural gas and electricity.
And I think there will be rolling blackouts like in Japan! ??

This is expected to be a surge in energy not only in Europe but around the world.

I think people's values ​​will change considerably in this war.

2022-03-05 09:56:55


Thermal Insulation Curtains/ Cool Curtains (Product name in Japan)

Because these curtains are made with threads that require a large number of fibers, resulting in a specialized processing that suppresses the entry of heat, some consumers may worry that they may prevent light from passing through as well. This occurs because conventional products are coated with processed stainless steel particles, which result in less light passing through. But these Thermal Insulation Curtains are made with specialized fabric, kneaded with specialized titanium oxide, which overcomes those issues. Thanks to these technologies, we have achieved the development of curtains that can let in light, just like normal curtains, and flutter and sway with the breeze, but do not allow in heat. Fire retardant capabilities are standard with these curtains, and are crafted to be the absolute best they can be, made with every consideration for the consumers who will be using this product. We recommend this product for all consumers who live in regions that experience dramatic differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

2021-10-18 08:58:04


Thermal Insulation Curtains/ Cool Curtains (Product name in Japan)

Filters out heat, allows light to pass, and to be swayed by the wind.

By suppressing heat, the curtains do not allow outdoor air into rooms during summer, which increases cooling efficiency.  Conversely, in winter, by trapping warm air inside, they increase heating efficiency. Because these curtains can increase the efficiency of indoor air temperature maintenance, they can contribute to controlling the electrical costs of air conditioning, coolers, and stoves, and eventually to reducing the wasteful use of resources to create electricity. In other words, these curtains can ultimately lead to betterment for the Earth’s environment.


2021-10-03 17:38:18


Climate change

Demonstrations against climate change are now taking place around the world.
Especially in Europe, many of this year's disasters are due to climate change.
Countermeasures are not just a national issue, but a change in mental consciousness through the accumulation of each individual!
Reduce the amount of fossil fuel and electricity used.
I think this kind of accumulation will save the world.
Protect the world and the earth together!
Leave a bright future for children!

Thermal Insulated Curtains fabric.


2021-09-26 10:20:34


Thermal Insulated Curtains

This lace fabric can raise the temperature setting of the air conditioner in the room by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius due to the heat shielding effect.
I don't feel the heat even if I raise the set temperature.
It is an energy-saving lace fabric that can save electricity charges.

Please see the heat shield test video.
You can see how amazing this fabric is.

YouTube https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qnna8lfUfdDsT0a_q-9YID1QdEPx_lfA/view

2021-09-18 17:57:22


Corona vortex

The epidemic of the coronavirus around the world last year has increased the amount of time everyone spends at home.
Our Thermal Insulated Curtains have also increased sales last year and this year.
Due to the high global temperature, abnormal weather phenomena are occurring all over the world.
Japan is no exception, and hot days continue every year.
There are four seasons in Japan, and the cold winter is coming.
Thermal Insulated Curtains are Curtains that can save energy anywhere in the world.
I think there are many countries where electricity charges are high.
Considering electricity charges, it is a fabric that can save energy at a low price.
I think it will be an indispensable Curtain for offices, schools, kindergartens, and public facilities, as well as the large windows in the living room at home.
Even if you look around the world, there is no such functional fabric.
I think it's an opportunity in any country if you can sell it now.
In Japan, it is sold by one company, but it sells 80,000 meters / year

2021-09-08 09:34:40


Rain disaster

Nowadays, Japan is experiencing landslide disasters in various places due to unusually long heavy rains.
At this time of year, the weather is over 20 ℃.

Even if you look at the world, the heat is extremely hot due to abnormal weather.
This is believed to be due to extreme weather events around the world due to global warming.

I think that people around the world's actions such as energy saving will change the world.

Bringing Japanese technology to the world!
energy saving is from lace curtains
Thermal Insulated Curtains fabric

2021-08-17 11:46:13


After the rainy season

Finally, the rainy season ended on the 16th in Japan.
After the rainy season, it will exceed 35 ℃ every day.
From now on, Thermal Insulated Curtains fabric will show its true character!

2021-07-19 09:34:26


rainy season

Currently Japan is in the middle of the rainy season.
I think it will end in the latter half of July.
When you open it, it's the arrival of full-scale summer.
It is forecast that it will be a hot summer that has never been seen in recent years.
In recent years, the image of summer has begun to change.
It became cool after mid-August and moved to autumn in September, but now it is hot like summer until the end of September and early October.
I think this is also the cause of global warming.
Let's recommend energy saving with Thermal Insulated Curtains!

2021-07-05 10:27:35


Global warming

The world weather has begun to change drastically due to global warming, and the world is starting to move.
We are beginning to seek a break from fossil fuels.
I think this is not just a problem for each country, but a problem that each person tackles on their own.
I think that the accumulation of small things will change into a big swell.

2021-06-12 14:20:20


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