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What is “Cool and Warm curtain” (Thermal Insulated Curtains) and how it works

The solar heat cut efficiency test was remade by changing the heat source from 200W to 500W.

The Sakai Lace’s original lace fabric which is knitted with plenty of the functional yarn called "Suzushiya NEO" newly developed by Japanese fiber manufacturer TEIJIN FRONTIER Co., Ltd. The yarn is made by twisting 144 ultrafine thread kneaded with titanium oxide, and bunching them together into 288 fine yarns.

The Cool and Warm curtain(Themal Insulated Curtains) is made up of more than 80% of this original yarn. ​By using the yarn, the curtain cuts 71% solar radiation heat and 90.1% of UV rays. It also has a 38.1% heat insulation effect and protects privacy from both indoors and outdoors.

Effectiveness of hiding the inside of a room

cool curtain
Cool & Warm curtain      (Thermal Insulated Curtain)
cool curtain
General curtain lace

Since been knitted by Russell lace knitting machine and combine with the technique of Sakai Lace, the curtain maintains 64.8% of shading rates and keeps the room bright. It is also fire-proof and prevents the spread of fire certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association (JFRA).

Since it is made of extra-fine 288 yarns, it stores air between the yarns and has a high heat-insulating effect.

Generally, it is considered that if the heat shielding effect is increased, the heat insulation effect decreased. However, the ​Cool & warm curtain succeeded to increase both effects. The material is 100% polyester and the durability is 5-6 years. The function will last even for about 10 years hanged in a place where the ultraviolet rays do not hit much.

Effectiveness of hiding the inside of a room

Cool and Warm curtain (Thermal Insulated Curtains) which has been used from 2011 to 2019

It is light weight and can be washed at home, easy to maintenance. By using this curtain in summer, a comfortable environment can be made even if the room temperature setting is raised to 2 to 3 degrees. It can also enhance the heating effect in winter. Since the solar heat enters into the room through the windows in summer and the warmed air leaks outside through the windows in winter, our heat-insulating lace curtain let to reduce electricity consumption and contribute to the energy saving of the household throughout the year.(e.g. It saved electricity cost 1,143 yen/month in August, the hottest season in Japan.)

This is the only curtain in Japan that enables solar heat cut efficiency 71%, heat insulation effect 38.1%, shading rates 64.8%, and UV ray cut effect 90.1%.

Only Sakai Lace can produce lace fabrics that retain such functionality even when searching around the world. Though it has these functions, it can take in outside air efficiently, just like a normal lace curtain. It is effective not only for households use but also for public facilities such as hotels, hospitals, and office buildings. And of course, It has both decorative and drape properties as a lace curtain.

Once you use this multifunctional curtain, its usefulness should be proved and it would be valued by everyone around the world.

Lastly, the impact of global warming is expected to become more serious. Extreme weather has already been reported around the world, and in some areas the temperature difference is severe. The Cool and Warm curtain(Thermal Insulated Curtains) easily reduces annual energy consumption and has lessened the impact on the global environment. I would like to let everyone know about this environmentally friendly product developed with Japanese technology.