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Product information


Cut off 71% solar heat

After 10 years of effort, Sakai Lace’s succeeded to cut off 71% solar heat, and 90.1% UV rays. So that it prevents sunburn of furniture and flooring.


Heat insulation effect 38.1%

The yarn is made by twisting 144 ultrafine thread kneaded with titanium oxide, and bunching them together into 288 fine yarns. Because it is made of extra-fine 288 yarns, it stores air between the yarns and has a high heat-insulating effect.


Keeps the room bright while insulting heat well

Generally, it is considered that if the heat shielding effect is increased, the sunlight is also blocked and the room becomes dark. However, this curtain keeps the room bright while cut heat well.


A thin lace that flutters with a gentle breeze

While having a strong heat-shielding effect, the curtain is a thin lace that flutters with a gentle breeze.


Equipped with a fire-proof function

Certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association(JFRA), the fire-proof curtain prevents the spread of fire, serving to be safe in households as well as public facilities.


German standard fire resistance test

German standard fire resistance test DIN 4102 B2 class B1 passed


Quality inspection

REACE inspection acquired
For EU: EC marking compliant
  Japan, EU EPA compatible