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nickname/Fumio Iwamura

I bought Cool Curtain 71.
Since I bought it before the arrival of full-scale summer, my ability has not been verified, but it is presumed that the effect is great from the thickness of the cloth and the fineness of the texture. The color of the lace is elegant and the texture is high, and my wife also likes it.


The living room has large windows and can reach nearly 30 degrees even in May when the weather is nice. When I was looking for a curtain that couldn't stand it and had a high heat-shielding effect, I found this cool curtain and was surprised at the high heat-shielding effect when I actually used it. It seems to be a lie that it was so hot that I couldn't get close to the window. I am very satisfied with the effectiveness of the air conditioner.
  I was a little reluctant to buy curtains by mail order, so I asked many questions before purchasing, but I was able to purchase without anxiety because of the detailed response.
  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of the heat of the sun.


Because of the unprecedented heat
First of all, I bought a curtain for the part that is exposed to strong sunlight.
  I was surprised to use it! The heat is completely different.
Unlike the "look" cool atmosphere of the lace curtains I've used so far,
  I have the impression that it is a little thick, but it was saved because the heat was overwhelmed.
And the guide for measuring curtains is easy to understand,
  Being able to ask questions over the phone is one reason why I bought it.
We will purchase it little by little, so we look forward to your continued support!

Thermal Insulated Curtains


I think it's effective !! I purchased it as a first aid as a preliminary step for measures on the outside of windows (outer wall construction, etc.). Since it is a room where the west sun shines directly, I was able to experience the effect at room temperature.

nickname/Alice ・Kei

The room I bought a long time ago was gray and the room was dim, but the children's room in the west was easy to spend. Compared to that, the lace curtain this time is very bright, and it is comfortable because it suppresses the temperature rise in the living room in the south. The design and pattern are very ordinary lace curtains ... but I think they are the best in terms of functionality.
I placed an order online, but he immediately dealt with my unfamiliarity and mistakes, and the subsequent response was polite and kind. That's why I thought that such a good product would be produced. I'm sure that good companies and good products will be conveyed by word of mouth. Thank you very much.

nickname/Cat Ron

I used to use a heat shield lace curtain made by another company, but it was a ready-made product with no dimensions, and the fabric was thick, so I couldn't see the outside at all. So, I found this curtain at Catalog House Co., Ltd., and for the time being, I asked for one window as a trial.
  The curtains that arrived in about a week are very beautifully sewn, the fabric is soft, and they are made to order made in Japan, so they are perfect for windows and I am very satisfied.
  As you can see the effect of heat insulation, I have already reordered it for another window.


The brightness of the room remains the same, and it has a good heat-shielding effect, so I am very satisfied.
It was good to meet!
It is an epoch-making product !!


It is a repeat. I used to use an ordinary lace curtain, but I couldn't survive the heat without tightening the drape, but I was in trouble because it was dark with the drape. Knowing this cool curtain, I ordered immediately. Thank you for delivering it in the shortest time.
  The purchase price may be the same as the custom-made products at specialty stores. But what is the result? I am very satisfied. The heat shield is very good and it also carries the outside air.
However, it was dark because the light was blocked, but I felt cool in the glossy color.
  Overall gorgeous.
  It is recommended for families with the same problems.


t blocks light and is cooler and brighter than I expected!
Eventually, I would like to change other rooms.


Last year, I learned from the catalog of online shopping. This year, the heat wave became extremely hot and I decided to purchase it. The window sash is hot enough to burn me, but the room isn't that hot. It's a great curtain.
thank you for consulting with us when purchasing.


I don't know the change in the room temperature, but it blocks the light more than the lace curtains I used to use, which makes my eyes easier.
The fabric is thicker than I had imagined, but the room is bright even when closed.
Since it is not transparent, it cannot be seen from the outside.
The fabric seems to attract dust, so I wish the surface was smoother.
I think it would be nice if the fabric was thinner and had a color other than white.


I was thinking of replacing the curtains by remodeling the 42-year-old room.
 I was thinking about various things, but I asked him this time because he knew Mr. Sakai Race from his online life and could order on the homepage

 The fabric is thick, the pattern is folded, and the texture is very good, and my husband liked it.
 I ordered 5 items in total, but the amount is reasonable (cheap).
 The rainy season hasn't ended in Kanto so far, but I'm looking forward to seeing how comfortable the midsummer day can be.
 Thank you very much for your polite response to the confirmation of the size of your order.


I have purchased two sets of cool curtains in my online life, and this time I ordered the same size for my parents' house.
 I installed it immediately, but it's still bright even though it's a heat shield curtain!
 And even after closing the shutters, the whiteness of the curtains was refreshing and the room became bright even though the lights did not change!


The sun was very strong in the living room on the 2nd floor, and even if I put a film on it, it had no effect, so I tried this curtain.
 It didn't get dark and I was able to cut the sunlight, which was very helpful.
Thank you very much.


Cool curtains(Thermal Insulated Curtains) are good.
I bought it for a living room where the sun is tight.
The temperature of the room after 2pm is clearly different than before.
I think I can spend this summer comfortably. I'm really thankful to you.

nickname/ Mura

I am satisfied with the calm color and texture.
Also, thank you for adjusting the size.

Cool and Warm curtain (Thermal Insulated Curtains)

nickname/ kazunao

Thanks to you, I am able to spend much more comfortably than usual.
It seems that the air conditioner works well, so you can expect power saving.

Thank you very much!

nickname/ Mickey

The balcony facing southeast had a large glass part, so I was struck by the heat of the sunshine from early morning, but when I put on this heat shield curtain, it became really cool.
It shuts out the heat of the window glass even during the day, so it's cool to touch the curtains.
In addition, the beautiful white color keeps the room bright, which makes you feel brighter.
I decided to have my husband and my parents' house send me an additional order saying "this coolness".

nickname/ dokidokido

I think the heat shield effect is wonderful.
However, although the room is bright, the scenery is not visible, so it is open from the afternoon when direct sunlight does not enter.
  I also expect heat retention in winter.


I am pleased with the high heat shield
It's a little dark, but it's not so noticeable in summer
It may be a little worrisome in the winter, but I think the benefits of heat insulation will exceed
This product is for the living room's sweeping window and is additionally purchased for children's sun shade after purchase.
  I think that the repeat purchase confirms the excellence of this product

nickname/  mamirun

In the evening from June to October, the living room became extremely hot in the evening sun and the air conditioning was hard to work, so I bought this curtain.
After changing the curtains, the sun was blocked more than before and the heat was softer than before. I would like to change the curtains in other rooms to this one when I see the opportunity!      
Thermal Insulated Curtain

nickname/ Tabi

Even if the curtains are closed, the inside of the room is bright and the heat shield effect is great! is.
The temperature will rise once on a sunny day from the morning, but if the temperature drops by operating the air conditioner for about 30 minutes, it will continue for a long time.
The operating time of the air conditioner seems to be shortened, so it was good to buy.

nickname/ fumiChan

I asked for a window beside the sons' beds. I knew enough about the goodness of the product, so I had no hesitation.
  The lace curtains that had been changed before winter can still be used from this year onwards...I'm happy.
  My husband says that the mask made of the same material has good sewing and curves from the nose, so it feels very good in the hot weather. I would be happy if you could sell on HP. Can you please consider this once? This is a request from Sakai Cool Race Curtain fans.

nickname/ Ⅿe-Chan

This is my third purchase
It is purchased within about 2 months, but the effect of this curtain is great.
Most of the necessary room replacements have been completed with this purchase
I think it is a perfect product for today's age of energy saving
To put it simply, I think it would be better if the light-shielding properties were improved a little while maintaining the heat-shielding and UV-blocking effects.

nickname/ YY

The "Thermal Insulated Curtain" we asked Mr. Sakai this time has the same brightness as a typical lace curtain, but also has a great heat shield effect and an extremely good air conditioning effect.

  I was pleased that the drape was beautiful and very elegant, as it was finished with double folds.

nickname/ Goldfish

Compared to the previous lace curtain, I think it has a clear heat shield. Since the living room of our home is facing to the west, heat insulation is essential in summer. Thank you very much.

nickname/ sa

We are very satisfied with the perfect size.
It seems that it is also shielded from heat, and I felt that the temperature was different from the window glass

nickname/lemon curd

It arrived at around 5pm when the sun was strongest, so I installed it immediately.
  From that moment on, I could clearly see the difference.
  In my living room, I feel comfortable with a large window overlooking Mt.Fuji, but it is facing the west and it is severe on the summer west, and when I come home in the evening, the curtain will close and the room temperature will be terrible. It was Since I replaced it with a heat shield curtain, it hasn't reached a particularly surprising temperature. I feel comfortable even at home.
  I've been wondering if I should put a heat shield sheet on the window, but I'm glad the curtain is easier to install.
It was very helpful to receive the order immediately after it was delivered.


Even in Sapporo, the summer sunshine is quite tough, but
When I tried this curtain, the temperature between the window and the lace and the temperature near the window inside the race were quite different.
Thanks to that, we have a relatively cool summer.


I was troubled by the heat of the evening and purchased a cool curtain.
I was afraid how far it will change,
The evening after the curtain was actually installed, you could feel it
Room temperature was different.
The air conditioner was old and not working well,
In this case, it seems that there is no need to replace it.
We are considering purchasing it in other rooms.

nickname/Jungle emperor

As an impression after attaching, it is quite effective.
Cooling is also effective and comfortable.
Even if the curtain is closed, it does not darken, but it is not too bright It is just bright enough.
Even if you take a nap, it is safe to cut ultraviolet rays.
I liked it very much so I ordered it again.
Eventually all the curtains in the house are changed to this.
I can't wait for one week.